For comprehensible dimensional testing in standalone mode or for small series tests for the range up to 80 or 120mm we have designed the KT EAGLE.

Again, we follow the philosophy of modularity to protect your investment. The system can also be retrofitted with a series cartridge.

Telecentric lenses and the software meet all current GR & R requirements for precision parts.

KT Options

The standard built glass sliding table can be replaced with a cassette containing a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt loads on both sides, so that the parts to be measured can be placed on one side in rapid succession. The measurement of the parts is carried out in continuous. A further option is a 3D sensor for the conveyor cassette. In this case, the height profile of the parts is determined and displayed during the passage. About an editor height characteristics are to be chosen and associated with each other. Measurements (height differences) between the measurement points are recorded, and can also be analyzed statistically.