For the range of 50-150mm we propose system. The parts are picked up by the mechanism from a belt, slightly stretched, rotated,and – depending on the version – tested with regard to dimensions and surface.

Again, we have kept extreme importance to the economy and quality of the testing procedure itself. The entire system is compact and can be fed by hand or with a feeder.

Two sensor units and unique mechanics deliver a good output ratio.

KT Software, intelligent and easy to use! The KT auto-setup concept represents another milestone: using KT auto-setup, the vision system applies a self-test on the master samples or even the first teach in parts. Generally the operator sets only the severity and the minimum error limit. Lighting, flash, the test zones and the remaining parameters for the surface analysis are automatically determined and set optimally. The KT auto-setup works for standardized components such as O-rings or V-Seals. For non-standard parts / seals the expert mode is suitable to create your own receipts.