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High performance 2D/3D testing system for shaft sealas and other complex rotationally symmetric parts parts made out of metal, plastic, rubber or a combination of these with an external diameter of up to 200 mm.

Functional and extendable design

KTstep has a solid and stable index table as basic machine with various extension and connection options, including the possibility of integration into existing production cells in preprocessing (de-molding, trimming, deflashing) as well as postprocessing (outward transfer, labelling, packaging).

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This inspection system provides specific surface analysis placing the parts on a rotating disc with a centering groove. the parts themselves are rotating while being inspected. This system has the advantage of high flexibility and quick set up changes, also for future projects.

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Innovations in detail and highest optical precision are generating detailed pictures of the parts. Multi-level lighting systems offer the highest possible contrast and thus a safe and reproducible surface analysis. All sensors are equipped with their own computing power and work autonomously. Only the results and the test instructions are exchanged via a network to the control computer.

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