Visual Inspection Systems

The vision beyond

Even the best compounds and processes have their limits as we have an active chemical process. To secure the quality of your products we offer reliable machines and unique 6 Sigma procedures.

Compared to manual/visual inspection with human eyes, KT vision technology works constantly, reliable and objective:

• Safeguarding of 0-defect-targets through automatic inspection
 Less dependency on the cost and the availability of the personnel
 High efficiency: The typical ROI (Return on Investment) is 1 to 2 years

Support in validation of KT Vision Systems and procedures. Your value:

• Safe procedures and processes
 The most effective and innovative system
• Trials/Testing with your master samples

KT Vision Systems aim to be as simple as possible needed with a modular design. This allows the user to concentrate on the product quality and to inspect also small lots without efforts. 

KT Vision Systems are unique in the picture analysis through consequent use of innovative sensor technologies. Combined with the very special software, this delivers highest quality and efficiency in the vision inspection.

KT Sensors are aligned with the two essential features of the image processing: lighting and contrast; innovations in detail and highest optical precision enable detailed pictures of the parts. Multi-level lighting systems offer the highest possible contrast and thus a safe and reproducible surface analysis. All sensors are equipped with their own computing power and work autonomously. Only the results and the test instructions are exchanged via a network to the control computer.

KT Software, intelligent and easy to use! The KT auto-setup concept represents another milestone: using KT auto-setup, the vision system applies a self-test on the master samples or even the first teach in parts. Generally the operator sets only the severity and the minimum error limit. Lighting, flash, the test zones and the remaining parameters for the surface analysis are automatically determined and set optimally. The KT auto-setup works for standardized components such as O-rings or V-Seals. For non-standard parts / seals the expert mode is suitable to create your own receipts.

You can find more information and details on our vision technology here:

• Brochure KT (GER/EN)

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